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Bait & Tackle Reports


Albacore to Wahoos
Posted On : 2017-10-31

Inshore fishing has really taken off the last couple weeks.  I am getting reports of good Speckled Trout and Drum fishing.  Most of this action has been taking place in the Newport River, up Core Creek and in the Middle Marsh.  Still haven’t heard of any epic trout fishing at the Cape Lookout Rock Jetty yet but that will soon change any day now.  The False Albacore fishing has really been hot this past week.  Folks are finally starting to catch them in schools rather than having to only fish behind the trawlers.  Stingsilvers, zoom, and albie snax have been working best for casting in to the schools.  While there are still some bluefish around it looks like the majority of the Spanish mackerel have moved out for the season right on time.  Spanish usually stick around until mid-October and then move out by the end of the month due to the water dropping below 70 degrees.  No worries though, they will be back next year around the month of April.


Offshore Wahoo fishing has been good for lots of folks and it looks like the next couple days you will have the weather to get out there and try it for yourself.  Although it’s hard to tell from day to day where the bite will be, fishing down south this time of year is always a good bet.  Places like the Rise, Swansboro Hole, Southeast Neaco, Grouper Hole, and the Yellowfin Hole are all good places to start trolling and all can be easily found on local maps.  Mixed in with the Wahoo's you will likely find some Blackfin Tuna and Sailfish ready to put up a good fight. Remember that fishing with wire for the Wahoo's is a must while the Blackfin Tuna typically bite better when your baits are rigged on Fluorocarbon.  

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