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False Albacore
Posted On : 2013-09-30

Wow!! What a weekend of Wind!! Unfortunately I don't have a good offshore report for this week due to nobody was able to get offshore this weekend, but with the BEAUTIFUL forecast this week, I would imagine I should have one at some point in the next few days.

Even though we had some high winds, some boats were able to stay closer to the beach and fish inshore.  They had some great catches of bluefish and larger Spanish around the cape and to the shoals.  Mixed in with the bluefish and Spanish were large schools of False Albacore.  Some boats had catches of 40-50 fish while trolling with clarkspoons.  After hearing that report I'm going to say that Albacore season is starting a little early this year but looks like it is going to be a good one.  If you have never tried albacore fishing on light tackle, I encourage you to give it a shot.  It is my favorite fish to fish for, as they make long hard runs and are a heck of fight.


Trout and drum are still biting well and will continue to bite better and better as the water temp cools down some. I'm also starting to hear some reports of Spots and Sea Mullets being caught in the surf and the sound.  Dr Bogus informed me he read a water temperature off Bogue inlet Pier yesterday of 73 degrees.  Thats a great thing as most of the trout, drum, false albacore, flounders, sea mullets and spots love that cooler water.  Things are shaping up for great Fall fishing this year.

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