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Gaffers and Spanish
Posted On : 2016-05-03

The offshore fishing this past weekend was not short of FANTASTIC!  Everybody who got out was able to catch plenty of nice gaffer dolphins.  Many folks also were able to catch wahoo, blackfin, yellowfin and even some billfish.  The bite was north and south of the Big Rock and from 20 fathoms out to 120 fathoms.  So… essentially the bit was on everywhere.  Unfortunately it looks like the wind isn’t going to let up the rest of the week and through the weekend but maybe next. 

Inshore fishing fired off this weekend.  The first Spanish Mackerel was caught aboard the Energizer and Island Girl on Sunday while trolling inshore.  Both boats also reported large catches of Bluefish as well.  Many folks along the beaches are catching the bluefish too.  Some other species being caught along the beach and pier include Croakers, puffers, flounders and drum.

Still have not seen any Cobias come to the scales yet but it should happen any time now. Many boats have been out looking for them and even though none have been caught yet most of the boats have reported catching large Red Drum along the shoals out by Cape Lookout.  Although not the intended species, these big redfish offered an excellent fight.

With fishing as good as it is and with fuel prices still relatively low, I encourage all of you to get out there when the wind finally lets up and take advantage of this awesome fishery that we have.

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