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Good fishing everywhere off Atlantic Beach
Posted On : 2013-05-28

Fishing continues to be great inshore and offshore.  The dolphin bite was fantastic yesterday with the majority of the bite going off in around 100ft of water.  That was really good to hear this time of year because most of the time that kind of action doesn't start until July.  Now I know what your next question is. What size fish where they?  They were all nice fish. 15-25lb with some in the 30lb range.  There was also a great Billfish bite in the deeper water.  Congratulations to the crew on the "Carolina Time"! They won the 2013 Swansboro Tournament. 


Inshore fishing for cobia has slowed down some but I think alot of that is due to all the boat traffic and the little bit of a cold front that moved through this past weekend.  Most of the fish that are being caught now are being caught off the bottom while anchored up. I still have plenty fo shad for those of you that still want to give it try.  Ive posted a picture of Sean Kelly and Bruce Johnson with there 70lb Cobia. They Caught this fish while bottom fishing.  Pretty Work guys!!!


As always this time of year there are plenty of bluefish along the beach and the spanish mackerel are starting to move in pretty good.  False Albacore are still around if you would like to just tug on something that fights hard. They have been from the cape to the inlet. Just look for the birds and the fish busting on top.

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