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Good Fishing/Good Weather
Posted On : 2013-07-29

Congratulations to Sam and Bubba Sanderson of team Connecting Points for there win of the Carteret Community College Spanish Mackerel Tournament.  Nice work guys!!!

Another congratulations to the crew of the Sea Hag. They are the winners of the 2013 NCDU Billfish Tournament. Way to go guys!!


Fishing inshore is pretty good right now. I went this past weekend and did well trolling for Spanish right along Atlantic Beach in about 15-20' of water. We then ran up to the shoals around Shark Island and ran into acres and acres of 2-4lb bluefish. We caught them trolling with clarkspoons and casting Stingsilvers to them as well. 


Offshore fishing has picked up again with the bailers starting to show real well.  I got a report from Capt. Pete on the Fight-N-Lady Saturday where he told me they caught 8 gaffers, a couple wahoo, 40 bailers, and a sailfish. Now thats a great day!  He said they caught most of that around the western of the Big Rock.

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