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Bait & Tackle Reports


Mahi's, Marlins and Spanish Mackerel
Posted On : 2017-05-12

Although it has blown, what feels like an eternity, the past couple weeks of wind look to finally give us a break starting Monday afternoon.  NOAA has the wind forecast on Monday to be 10-15 in the morning but laying down around lunch time.  With all this wind has anybody been able to fish?  Well a few of the charter boats have managed to get out a few days here and there and fishing has actually been pretty good.  Dolphin fishing is really starting to ramp up around the Big Rock, although yesterday the bite seemed to have been a little north of there.  I heard of reports ranging from a couple fish all the way to Sensation Sportfishing coming in with a fantastic day of a couple dozen dolphins and some bottom fish too!


Blue Marlin fishing is starting to turn up with a good amount of fish being caught in the Hatteras Village Offshore Open Tournament.  So far the Carterican is leading the tournament with a 578.6lb Blue Marlin.  It is looking like this year is shaping up to be a fantastic Billfish season.  I am looking forward to see all the participation and fish caught in the Big Rock Tournament next month.


Inshore fishing is doing well and as soon as the wind lays down and the water clears up, I believe the Cobia fishing will pick way up.  Right now people are still catching them bottom fishing and site fishing bait balls but with the cold front we had last weekend, it did slow things down some.  Captain Greg Voliva with Four Season Guide Service went yesterday and reported it was a little slow but looking like conditions were improving steadily.  He hooked one fish yesterday around 50lb.


The big inshore news this week has been that the Spanish Mackerel have shown up in good numbers around the cape and out by the shoals.  Most people were site casting to them and reported that they were on the larger side.  Casting to the Spanish rather than trolling for them may not put as many in the cooler as fast, but can be much more of an exciting fight when using light tackle.  Using rods in the 6-12lb medium light range with 8-12lb test is recommended.  Little 3/8oz Stingsilvers, Gothca plugs, or any kind of shiny metal spoon will work well. 


Fishing in the backwater for Trout and Drum has been slow but that can be expected with all the rain eastern NC has had lately.  Large amounts of rain will typically dirty up the water and change the salinity in the sounds.  This usually only takes a few days to a week, depending on the amount of rain, to filter out and clear up. After that you can expect fishing to return to normal in those places.

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