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Pretty Friday on the Coast
Posted On : 2013-05-09

Hey everybody. I want to apologize for not posting a report in a week or so.  I have been very busy in the shop and and have been playing catch up. 

The fishing hasn't changed much since my last report.  The bite offshore is still doing fantastic, though the tuna and wahoo bite has slowed down some, the dolphin have moved in in numbers.  Most of the boats have been catching a couple wahoo and 20-40 dolphins each time they go out.  The dolphin haven't been great big gaffers like we get around this time of the year but most of them have been decent sizes(10-15lb.).  The other good part is it seems like the bite is spread from north to south. So just about any break you get on you have a good chance of catching fish. 

Inshore fishing for big bluefish is still doing well along with sea mullets and gray trout.  Ive seen some really nice gray trout being caught the past couple of weeks and all have been coming from the no wake zone by the port.  A few flounder and black sea bass are being caught on the inshore artificial reefs.  Still no Cobia!!! I heard there was a couple caught last week up in the hook of the cape but I feel if that was true there would have been more caught by now. So I'm going to dare say that was just a mean rumor, but I always could be wrong.  As soon as I get hard evidence of a cobia that has been caught, I will let everybody know.  The other species I get asked about this time of year are Bonita.  Haven't heard of any up this way yet, though I have heard of some around wrightville, so maybe it wont be long until we see some of those show up.

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