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Rough Seas
Posted On : 2013-04-01

First off, I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Offshore  this past weekend was a little upsetting for many people.  Unfortunately, the weather man made a bad forecast and many people were forced to turn around Saturday due to rougher see conditions than forecasted.  Those that made it out had about the same catch as those who got out Friday. Most everybody's catch consisted of  a couple wahoo, a couple dolphin, and some blackfins.  I did hear that most people went through plenty of bait though due to lots of false albacore.  The bit seemed to be very spread out.  Many people had a hard time finding a hard temp break.  Everybody said the water was very blended with warm and cold patches of 69-72 degrees.  Toward the end of this week and in to next week it is forecasted for us to have lots of warm southerly wind, so I'm think that will push some of that warm clean water that has been down south up this way.

Neashorethere is PLENTY of black sea bass just about at any wreck you want to go to.  Of course the unfortunate part is you cant keep any. But, they are still fun to tug on if you want to go have some fun and not burn a whole lot of fuel.

Inshoreis still very slow.  Our water temperature in the sounds are just to cold for most things to bite.  Like I mentioned above in the offshore forecast, we are supposed to finally have some warm weather toward the end of this week.  That will hopefully start helping this warm up and get our inshore spring fishing a much needed jump start.

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