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Season picking up!
Posted On : 2016-03-19

We are back!  Things are starting to heat up on the water.  While the near shore stuff is still a little slow, offshore fishing has been very good.  Several boats have been getting out and have been coming back to the dock with good catches of Wahoo and Blackfins.  There have even been a couple Yellowfin caught as well as a handful of Dolphins.  Most of the bite has been at places like the Swansboro hole and Rise but recently several boats fished at the Big Rock and did very well.  I would say that the bite is generally spread out at many locations right now.

Inshore fishing for Sea Mullets have been fantastic.  Most folks are reporting large Sea Mullets being caught right in the Beaufort Inlet with good catches of Gray Trout (Weakfish) mixed in.  I have not heard any reports yet, but Bluefish should be showing up in numbers anytime now.  Capt. Ken Kramer informed me yesterday that he has still been catching Red Drum in the Newport River and it continues to heat up with the warm sunny days.  Although the water is warming up, remember to still work that lure fairly slow as the water temp is still in the lower 60’s.

I hope everybody had a good winter, although I’m sure most of you are happy that spring is here.  I look forward to seeing all of you this year and hopefully help make it a great fishing season. 

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