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Posted On : 2013-03-25

Offshore fishing this past weekend was very good for the boats that were able to get out there.  All the big boats that went ended up with some wahoo and blackfin.  The Peggy had one of the best catches that I heard of, with 9 wahoos and a blackfin. From the report I got, most of the bite was down south due to cold green water still up around and just south of the Big Rock area.  The picture I have posted, is the peggy's catch. Pretty work guys!!

Near Shore around the big 10 little 10 area this past weekend was very good.  Dennis Kyle and his grandson Cameron Lester reported that they caught plenty of nice black sea bass and several times were pulling them up two at a time.  Obviously they couldnt keep any due to the season being closed but they were able to have plenty of fun with them tugging on the end of their line.

Inshore fishing has just not been very good the past month, so dont feel bad if you've gone and havnt caught anything. The water in the inlet last Saturday on an outgoing tide was 48 degrees. That is COLD for this time of year.  Due to the cold temps fish are staying in deeper holes and not wanting to do much eating.  As soon as we can get some warmer weather, our water temps will increase and I feel sure we will start to see some good inshore catches.

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